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President's Message

Welcome to the Leeds University Union Trading and Investment Society.

It is a great privilege to serve a society which has brought so much value not only to my life but to so many others.

The LUUTIS members make our society what it is today, and as a whole, we are a diverse group of engaged and driven individuals from multiple backgrounds. Our members all share an interest in finance, and as a committee we enjoy bringing this talented group of individuals together.

Since joining the society in my first year of university, I received invaluable opportunities to connect with and learn from my peers, network with professionals, visit elite corporate offices and learn from a wealth of advanced workshops.

Following the success of our Investment Banking Roundtable, we are in a position to develop this series further with the Private Equity Challenge and Asset/Wealth Management Roundtable. This is a result of LUUTIS continuously trying to represent the views of our ever-expanding interests.

Through our events and our community, I am sure you will find that LUUTIS offers the same personal development opportunities I have been able to benefit from and I encourage you to make the most of it!

I am confident that the newly elected committee for 2019/20 will be just as competent, adaptable and committed as former committees in securing you the events and activities that will inspire and propel you into the careers of your dreams. Our vision will remain solidly on providing quality education in finance, focusing on developing skill sets needed to succeed. We want to deliver a lasting impact, one which is experienced in years to come.

Yours truly,
Gary Kirby
LUUTIS President 2019/20