"Welcome to the Leeds University Union Trading and Investment Society.
It is an honour to serve a society which has brought so much value not only to my life but to so many. Since joining the society in my first year of university, I received the invaluable opportunities to connect with and learn from my peers, network with investment banking professionals, visit elite corporate offices and learn from an abundance of advanced workshops. The knowledge I gained from participating in the ongoing Virtual Fund competition unquestionably contributed to my successes securing internships at top firms. Following the success of our Virtual Fund, we are in a position to launch our Real Investment Fund. This is incredibly exciting for us, and we expect that this will provide an excellent opportunity for our members to gain even more. Through our events and our community, I hope that you find LUUTIS offer you the same personal development that I have been able to benefit from and I encourage you to make the most of it!
I am confident that newly elected committee for 2017/18 will be just as strong, adaptable and committed as former committees in securing you the events, forums and activities that will inspire and propel you into the careers of your dreams.

LUUTIS President 2018/19



The Leeds University Union Trading and Investment Society (LUUTIS) was founded in 2010 with the purpose of bringing together like-minded students, developing their investment skills and knowledge base to help create the platform to secure a career in the financial services industry. We take students on the journey from applying for insight weeks right through to securing a graduate job. Having consulted the industry, the clear consensus is that academic success shapes only part of the formula in creating successful candidates. We endeavour to offer our members profound exposure to the highly competitive world of finance through invaluable first-hand experience gained through networking events, Virtual Fund management, conference trips, our market-watch discussions and skills workshops.



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